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One Hour Messengers has designed transportation delivery options to fit every possible delivery scenario from ‘it has to be there now!’ to ‘it can wait until later today.’ When you call One Hour Messengers, you’ll have the following options from which to choose:

Drive Regular (Cars, Vans, Cargo vans, Trucks)

This service lets you count on One Hour Messengers to provide you with uniformed and experienced couriers to deliver your packages within the city and suburbs within three hours.*

*Based on mileage
Drive Rush (Cars, Vans, Cargo vans, Trucks)

Customers often choose rush delivery for their time critical packages. Your task will be assigned to the next available courier and expected delivery is within an hour, based on mileage.

Direct Drive (Cars, Vans, Cargo vans, Trucks)

There is nothing faster! Package pick-up within 15 minutes of your call and rushed to your destination with no stops in between, no time lost.

Bike Messenger Regular

This is the ideal service for those small, in-town deliveries. So that we may keep you abreast of the status of your package, all One Hour Messengers are radio-dispatched for quick and up-to-date communication.

Quarter Hour Power—Bike Messenger Rush

The fastest in the industry…within 15 minutes of your call, your package is picked up and delivered…no stops in between.

Same Day But Far Away

One Hour Messengers is proud to serve your needs throughout the United States and beyond. We have developed a network of qualified, pre –screened, professional delivery partners who we rely on to handle our customers time critical delivery needs in any city around the country. There is no need to stress over finding a delivery service or relying on your client to manage this. One Hour Messengers is on the Job !

Mail Pick-Up Service

One Hour Messengers can retrieve your U.S. mail from your local post office as early as 6 A.M. so that your mailroom can begin distribution at day’s beginning. Customers also rely on One Hour Messengers for late-night trips to the post office and to overnight carriers.

Temporary Staffing

Clients facing in-house mailroom staff shortages can call One Hour Messengers for temporary help. We offer hourly services by trained mailroom personnel to assist your existing work force.


Our expertise in the area of distribution services has benefited a large percentage of our customers. If distribution is a service suited to your organization, call one of our account executives for a review. He or she can easily and quickly customize a solution for your specific needs.